Who am I?
Android Developer (My Github) (My CV)
Masters Degree Student in Engineering focused on Neural Signal Processing @UFCG
Graduated in Engineering focused on Digital Signal Processing @IFPB

Awarded a Silver Medal on OPI Programming Contest, 2015 @OPI-UFCG
Awarded a Copper Medal on OPI Programming Contest, 2014 @OPI-UFCG
Awarded a Honorable Mention on ACM ICPC Programming Contest, 2014 @OPI-UFCG

Google Student Ambassador, 2014 @Google @IFPB
Google Marketing Lab Attendee, 2014 @Google
What have I been working on?

OBL - Brazilian Linguistics Olimpiadstar

Developed for @OBL2017 in 2017

An application that allows students to answer the currenct OBL exam. The application controls the exam time left and also has an offline mode.

Saraiva for Schoolsstar

Developed for @Saraiva in 2017

An application that allows teachers from affiliated schools to select the books they would like to use during the academic year, automatically sending these lists of selected books to school coordinators.

Adaptativo EADstar

Developed for @FractalTecnologia in 2017

A Learning Management System that allows students to practice topics studied during classes, as well as providing extra challenges, revisions and tasks added by teachers.


Developed for @Argus in 2016

Using this app, citizen can report crimes to Brazilian police. The app is completely integrated to the police emergency system.


Developed for @InvestFest in 2016

Developed to manage ticket selling and voucher validations. InvestFest is a multi-level marketing platform for ticket selling.

Bucky's Adventurestar

Developed for @Novatrix in 2016

This is an innovative digital treasure hunt game for kids using Beacons. The treasure (beacons) can be hidden at home.

PanelInteractive (Demo)

Developed for @Novatrix in 2016

App to improve marketing and to help disabled people to receive information about where they are. The information can be promotions, relevant notifications, etc.


Developed for @Novatrix in 2016

A new way to pay vending machine products using virtual credits. The user can add credits to use it in one of the registered machines.

Café Inovação (Demo)

Developed for @Novatrix in 2016

An app to demonstrate the project *App, Incentive & Card*. This app consists in an example of coffee shop integrated to the Internet.

Medical Connectstar

Developed for @Sanofi in 2016

Android Messaging App for doctors to discuss about diagnosis. Doctors can create groups and shared images, videos or audio files one to another.

Lyticx (Beta)

Developed for @E.Life in 2016

Developed to show detailed information about facebook ad campaigns, like the cost of each ad, the performance during a period, etc.


Developed for @E.Life in 2016

Social Networks Monitoring, SAC 2.0, Social News, Social CRM and Influencers Identification. This is one of the most popular plataform for insights.

MáquinaTaxi (Prototype)

Developed for @Novatrix in 2016

It helps taxi drivers to manage their received money. The taxi driver can add entries specifying which payment method was used (credit, debit or money).


Developed for @PagueAmigo in 2016

This app allows money transfer between two friends. The user can use his/her credits by selecting the payment receiver and clicking on *Pay*.

TouchCare (Private)star

Developed for @Sanofi in 2015

Android app for medicine control, consultations and some other information related to patients. This app was not released.

Gestão PDV (Private)star

Developed for @Tecban in 2015

App to manage banking terminal maintenance. This is an internal Tecban application that is used by its technicians.

ProntoFalei (Private)star

Developed for @SouzaCruz in 2015

Developed to allow customers to report irregularities involving transportation, illegal selling and another problems.


Developed for @DogLikers in 2014

Android App for dog adoption, cited in many brazilian digital media sites. The app allows Brazilian ONGs to publish its dogs available for adoption.

Maracanã Tourstar

Developed for @MaracanãStadium in 2014

App to help tourists visiting Maracanã Stadium. This is a digital guide that describes many history facts about Maracana Stadium.
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